Income Share Agreement (ISA)


Western Welding Academy offers very competitive pricing compared to other welding school costs. In this growing economy, there is a huge demand for skilled welders. At Western Welding Academy, we have the most talented and skilled instructors in the pipe welding industry. We will give you the skills needed to weld pipe at a journeyman level better, faster and more affordably than any other school. We make it easy to see exactly what our welding school costs.


We’ve partnered with Mia Share to offer our Income Share Agreement (ISA) program. We want to enable candidates to enroll in our courses just paying a reasonable deposit to secure a place. If you are approved for the ISA, you will repay your tuition once you’ve landed a job making $32,000/year or more. If you are interested in applying for the ISA program please contact the admissions team.



Your ISA repayments only begin once you secure earned income of $615 per week (equivalent to $32K/year)


You’ll pay 9.75% of your weekly earned income.


Your ISA repayments will stop at the max number of weekly payments or the payment cap, whichever happens first. Use the repayment calculator to see the exact terms for your course.

ISA Repayment Calculator

Benefits For Using ISA

“I chose the ISA because it’s more flexible than loans and I’m debt-free. My repayments are based on my future income. This gives me confidence.” – ISA Student


  • Never worry about affording a repayment. Repayments are always a % of your weekly income.
  • There is a clear and quick path to repayment. Preset number of weekly repayments.
  • We believe in you and our courses. Your repayments are based on your future success.
  • No repayments during the course and for at least 1 month after.
  • Debt-free.

How Does It Work?

  1. Apply to Western Welding Academy

Submit your WWA application and our admissions team will review and help you through the process of course acceptance.

  1. Notify Admissions Team of Financing Need

Our admissions team will help you choose the right financing path. If ISAs are a good fit we will send you the ISA application

  1. Make Your Deposit

Once you have been accepted, you will need to pay your deposit to confirm and secure your spot in the course (this is not included in the ISA).

  1. Read, Understand and Confirm your ISA Terms

If you are accepted for ISA financing, please make sure you read the contract and understand all the terms before you sign. Once you agree to the ISA terms you will be enrolled and ready to go!

Income Share Agreement (ISA) Repayment Calculator