Welder V – Professional Pipe Welder

Course #5

(Welder V – Professional Pipe Welder Course)

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Course one is a 6-month training program tailored to people interested in a pipe welding career. This is our main program that shapes and builds the next generation of pipe welders. Work ethic, jobsite safety, communication skills and financial training are included, to build top-notch, solid employees.

This course teaches joint configuration, joint preparation, reading of welding symbols, blueprint reading, base metal preheating, weld repair, electrode care and management, and how to read a welding procedure (WPS). Students are 6G certified by an AWS CWI at the end of the course providing they pass the required welding tests. Students learn SMAW welding and GTAW welding on carbon steel, stainless steel, and other exotic materials from 2” to 20” pipe in all positions. We teach confined space welding, welding from heights, and dual operator style welding.

Course Length: 24 weeks, 1,090 hrs

The prices are listed in the handbook.


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