Welder IV – Advanced SMAW & GTAW Pipe Welding

Course #4

(Welder IV – Advanced SMAW & GTAW Pipe Welder Course)

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This course teaches advanced GTAW pipe welding and advanced SMAW pipe welding. Students learn the following skills:


1) How to effectively use inert gas to purge the inside of the pipe in preparation for welding.
2) How prep stainless-steel base metal in preparation for welding.
3) Proper fit-up techniques for stainless steel, Inconel, and chromoly pipe.
4) How to weld stainless steel, Inconel, and chromoly pipe.
5) GTAW weld repair techniques and common industry practices.
6) Pipe rack welding techniques.
7) Cutting and preparing large diameter pipe for SMAW downhill welding.
8) 12” branch connection layout.
9) SMAW downhill welding techniques and industry practices.

Students are provided all the welding tools needed to complete the course. Students learn how to weld pipe with GTAW and SMAW on all sizes of pipe, from 16” to 2”. Upon completion, students are certified to AWS specifications in accordance with ASME section IX and receive a course completion certificate.

Course Length: 5 weeks, 250 hrs

Pre-requisite course: Welder III, or pass the pre-test.

Pre-test: 2” XH 6G Weld Test GTAW (ER70s-6) – 2” XXH 6G Weld Test SMAW 6010/7018

The prices are listed in the handbook.


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