Testimonials From Students

Cole Barbacci, Pennsylvania, 26

The Western Welding Academy is just what I have been looking for. I love everything about the school and what it has to offer. The challenge, the environment, the relationships, the future. Welding is a skill that cannot be learned over night, and is a grind and you have to want it. It drives me to be better every day and perfect my craft. The academy is the ideal place to do so.

The head instructor Tyler Sasse is a top of line welder and his knowledge of the craft is worth the tuition alone. I myself have an education degree so I know the little things that make an educator a great one. He has all the qualities of a natural leader and is aware that everyone comprehends things in their own way.  Whether he is showing by example or breaking things down on the chalkboards he’s always willing to help the best he can. The atmosphere is family like and the staff and other students are also great. In addition, the shop has top of the line welding machines and equipment.

The facility has everything I need as a student. On day one I was presented with gloves, mask, tools etc. The pipe we use is all cut and ready to be welded, maximizing the time spent learning the craft.

In conclusion, the academy is a place where I can be myself and work hard while building the skills and network, I need to create a better future for myself. Upon exit I will be well rounded and a versatile, certified welder making me an asset to any company I wish to work for.

I heard about Western Welding Academy through Tyler Sasse. I knew it was going to benefit me to go to WWA because Tyler is not only one of the most talented welders but also a great teacher so I new at WWA I would learn quickly with 100% hands on weld time. The one thing that stands out to me is the amount of time we get to spend welding.

On day one I received everything I needed to get started welding and all of the highest quality materials money can buy. With in a week and half I was welding pipe!! I would recommend this school over any other, they have a great atmosphere and the best teachers, allowing each student to learn at their own pace with plenty of support. Now fully qualified with a job lined up I am full of confidence for my future as a highly skilled welder.

Ronnie Levanan, Washington, 23

Marty, Wyoming, 18

When I first heard about Western Welding Academy, I was skeptical at first but Tyler explained to me how valuable this skill set can be. Tyler is a former Pipeline Welder that wants to share his knowledge and skills to help build the next generation of Pipe Welders. By the end of the 5 month combo course you will leave with not only the skill but the confidence to go out and make an extremely successful and profitable career for yourself. When I first started here Tyler hooked me up with a hood and all the tools I needed and I was welding in a booth the first day. By the time I left WWA I could weld anything from the crack of dawn to a broken heart. Highly recommend WWA.

WWA transformed me from a from a fabricator in to a real pipe welder. On the first day I was given all I needed to start producing results. I had never welded stick or tig before WWA, but in 3 weeks, with the help from Tyler Sasse I was welding on pipe.

Over the course of the 5 months I’ve become a welder I never thought I would be. Through Tyler’s mission of having the students at 100 percent weld time pipe was always beveled and ready to be welded. At all times Tyler was there to help students with any questions or frustrations that came up through the learning process and took the time to explain and make sure everyone comprehended what was being discussed.

Through WWA’S Miller pipe pro welding machines, tri tool pipe bevelers as well as Tyler’s unreal knowledge and skill of the trade, WWA is ready to produce the next generation of pipe welders so we can rebuild America.

Eli Granger, Maryland, 18