Pipeline SMAW-FCAW

Course #5

(Pipeline SMAW-FCAW)


Course five is a one-month training program only available to WWA students that have graduated from course one. This program is tailored to the individual that seeks employment in the pipeline industry. This program focuses on welding large diameter pipe with the latest techniques and equipment. We teach SMAW (stick) and FCAW (flux-core) on high grade steel carbon pipe from 12” to 42”. We also teach; pipeline fabrication layout, branch “T” layout, weld repair procedures, low hydrogen downhill welding techniques, “hot tap” or “live gas” techniques, and sleeving procedures. As there is no universal pipeline welding certification, students are required to pass the WWA certification test in order to graduate. Due to the fact that a majority of pipeline projects work on 6-10s schedule, the schedule for course five is 6-10-hour days giving students a real-life snapshot of pipeline construction.

1-month course

Cost $8,000.00


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